A Moon Star Cruise boat, A sea-paradise in Malvan made available for you by Shri Rajan Sarmalkar. The experience got in hereditary and Rajan's efforts brought his dream to be in truth. Today this paradise is waiting for you in Tarkarli creek.
        This boat is constructed under Rajan's supervision with 80 feet in length and 30 feet ih width. Twenty-five carpenters and workers continuously worked for one year to built this boat. The boat is made up of wooden planks joined and stitched together using coconut fiber ropes. The wood used for this boat is 'Undal' and 'Ein.' As 'Undal' wood has strength and more floating capacity is used 80 % where as 'Ein' is hard and heavy so used 10% for pillars. Total 350 tones wood used in construction. The exterior of the boat is coated with protecting fiber layers. The boat has all facilities for cooking and sleeping for the boatmen.  It has two floors, upper and lower. This cruise boat have all the creative comforts like hotel, well furnished bedrooms, modern hygienic toilets, cozy living rooms, dining area, beautiful kitchen and even a balcony for angling. This boat is powered by remarkable unobtrusive inboard 'Volvo penta' deisel engine with 226 HP power capacity. The electricity is provided by MSEB through three phase cable connection. so boat must anchored in a creek only. Two power generators with 35 KVA each are installed for emergency power failure. Three water tanks having capacity of 12000 liters used for water storage. Safety jackets and fire safety are kept ready on the boat.
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